Create Your First Proposal

Drafting Your First DAO Proposal

Congratulations, you're now ready to join PrimeDAO! πŸ₯³

Well, almost.

There's a couple things you should think about first, and you should write them down, to help get yourself sorted (your answers will also be part of your first proposal to join the DAO!)

  1. Do you see yourself as a Contributor or an Ambassador?

    A contributor is an active role, where you're part of the DAO’s builder collective, creating value through labor. Contributors vote and propose to the DAO. Voting is a curation process where the DAO decides which proposals to distribute funding to. Ideally, proposals that get funded are those proposals that create value for the DAO or for the DeFi ecosystem as a whole. An ambassador is more of a passive role, where you're part of the DAO's voter assembly, creating value by discussing and voting on proposals submitted by contributors. Ambassadors should generally be available for consultation and advisory to help contributors solve problems they may face in their proposals. Ambassadors that represent an organization consent to letting the DAO represent itself as a co-affiliate.

2. If you see yourself as a Contributor, what value-added expertise do you bring to PrimeDAO? If you see yourself as an Ambassador, why do you think you'd be a good member of the DAO's voter assembly? One thing to consider is that contributors aren’t just developers. A vast range of contributors exist: architects, researchers, designers, product experts, auditors, operations personnel, marketing and communications staff, ecosystem facilitators, devOps, recruiters, legal, project managers, and copywriters are all contributors. You may find that you have a skillset that can add value to the DAO, making you a potential contributor! 3. What areas in PrimeDAO interest you the most? (drop-down menu)

(a) DeFi Component and Mechanism Design, Integrations, and Development β€” the DAO needs technically-minded architects, developers, designers, researchers, hackers and coders to create value-added DeFi mechanisms, protocols, and primitives for itself. Imagine a Prime lending protocol, where the DAO works similarly to a bank accepting deposits and issuing loans, or a Prime stablecoin where PrimeDAO's token is used to create a new cryptocurrency pegged to the US-dollar.

(b) DeFi Safety and Reliability β€” In order to achieve mass adoption of DeFi, products must be made safe and reliable for non-blockchain savvy users. To this end, PrimeDAO will own and manage a decentralized interface providing scoring and analysis of the security of DeFi ecosystem protocols, products, and primitives. Auditors, security, safety, and product experts are needed to breathe life into this interface.

(c) Governance, Tokenomics, and DAO Infrastructure β€” DAOs are still in their infancy, and require experts to work to improve their governance and token economic structures, as well as base infrastructure. As PrimeDAO evolves it aims to transform into a cryptonetwork: a dynamically expanding coalition of DAOs, joint ventures between DAOs and centralized organizations, and sub-DAOs of Prime with given tasks and budgets.

(d) Content, Communications, Operations or Ecosystem Development β€” Like all networks, Prime needs a robust community of expert communicators to help bring its DeFi products and protocols to mass adoption. In many instances, experts of these softer sciences can add huge value to the DAO, by bringing increased attention and awareness to its mission and initiatives.

(e) Other (describe) β€” Ask not what the DAO can do for you ,but what you can do for the DAO!

4. Can you share past work history? (ie. Linkedin, GitHub profiles)

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and any evidence supporting your declared skillset will be helpful for squad leaders who are looking for new members. Alternatively, you can form your own squad: a DAO is a fluid organizational entity with shifting membership and initiatives, and we invite members of strong creativity and leadership to create pathways for themselves.

Please join Discord and introduce yourselves in #🀝-contribute. Check out the product and squad channels as well!

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