Submit Your First Proposal

Submitting Your First DAO Proposal

The onboarding process for PrimeDAO in its current Incubation stage is straightforward, and has two components :

I. Submit a proposal

Use DAOstack's Alchemy xDAI Interface to submit a proposal asking for 50 Reputation. We created a handy proposal template for your use here, but you don't have to use it. It's enough to submit the answers to the above questionnaire to the DAO! While it should seem easy to submit a proposal to the DAO, it's a bit more complicated in practice. You'll have to use xDAIchain to submit your proposal to PrimeDAO. xDAIchain is a sidechain of Ethereum, where you can do all of the same things that you can do on Ethereum, but at lesser gas cost to yourself.

The process, step by step:

(1) Install xDAIchain to your wallet β€” How to Install xDAI to Metamask (see left-hand side for non-Metamask documentation). If you don't have Metamask, the first step is getting it here.

(2) Get some xDAI. This is the gas token of xDAI chain. On xDAI, most transactions require a fraction of a cent to execute, so everything is super cheap. You can use the xDAI bridge to swap DAI with xDAI. If you don't know what DAI is, check out this walkthrough.

(3) Go to the DAO and submit your proposal. In the DAO you’ll be able to vote and propose new proposals. When you submit your proposal, you should make sure to do so in the Funding and Voting Power plugin. If you don’t understand these mechanics, consider reading this post or watching the above embedded videos on how to use DAOstack's Alchemy.

We know this is a bit complex, and you can always ask for help in the #🧰-support channel of the PrimeDAO Discord. We've also aggregated a handful of useful articles to help you: How to Navigate xDAI for PrimeDAO.

II. Identify yourself

Please join Discord and introduce yourselves in #🀝-contribute. Check out the product and squad channels as well!

Share your proposal and sharing your enthusiasm for proposing to join PrimeDAO on social media β€” feel free to use whichever platform of choice you would like! This step is important because it will help determine that you are a unique person β€” alternatively, if you don't have social media, you can ask to schedule a call with a DAO steward in the πŸ’¬-general-chat channel on the PrimeDAO Discord.

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