Proposal Payment Protocol

Get Compensated for Working For PrimeDAO

Now that you're a member of the DAO, chances are you may want to submit a proposal to do work for the DAO. PrimeDAO follows "proposal cycles" β€” periods of time in which the DAO votes on and funds various efforts for itself. You can learn more below:

pageGovernance and Reputation (REP) πŸ—³


The full process, from start to finish, for submitting and being funded as a Contributor:

(1) Submit a proposal to Prime's canonical version on xDAI. Do not include a reward payout for the proposal. Instead, you should detail the payout you'd like to receive in the future. You can follow the previous guide if you do not understand how to use xDAI:

pageSubmit Your First Proposal

(2) If your xDAI proposal is passed, then go to the Ethereum mainnet instance of the DAO here. Resubmit your proposal but this time, include the payout. You do not need to submit the whole proposal β€” it's enough to say "this was previously ratified by the canonical governance version of the DAO on xDAI" and link to your passed proposal in the xDAI DAO's proposal history.

Do not include any PRIME payout in this step β€” this comes later!

For this step, you have the option to add $40 of USDC to the proposal. This is to approximately reimburse gas costs of submission, boosting, and redemption

(3) You will need to "boost" and upvote your proposal. Go to the Prime Aggregator and get 100 GEN, which is around $15. Once the proposal passes, assuming you are the only person to boost, you will be able to redeem your boosted GEN and use it in the future. Boosting is a form of spam protection that protects DAOs powered by DAOstack from distributing funds incorrectly. Learn more.

Do not assume that any other party will boost and upvote your payout proposal.

(4) Finally, if you are receiving PRIME, you need to deploy a vesting contract, and repeat steps 1-3 in a separate proposal. The DAO is not responsible for reimbursing ETH spent on deploying vesting contracts. To save on gas fees, you can alternatively "socially vest" your tokens. Social vesting is where the DAO holds your PRIME, and you note the initiation of the vesting period in a forum post. Please use the PrimeDAO forum to socially vest your tokens.

See below for the vesting deployment guide:

pageVesting Contract Guide

As always, feel free to ask any questions in the #support channel on Discord

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