Prime Rating
Creating & Submitting Reports
This outlines the general process of creating a rating report and submitting it for review.

Create Your Report

1 - Choose a project to rate

Select a project you would like to rate and add your name, so others know that you are working on a report about this protocol.
Note: The spreadsheet contains multiple pages for each rating report. The Technical Report applies to all projects.

2 - Copy/Download the Template

Select the Report type you want to create and make a copy of it.
Google Docs:
Please don't forget to make a copy (see image below) before you start filling out the template.
Use Google docs and make it public. This will allow you to create a sharable link with commenting permissions once the report is ready to be submitted for review.

3 - Fill out the Report Template

You can now start filling in the report. Try to answer each question as objectively as possible, and attach relevant resources where possible.
If you fill out a report about a project that has been rated before, make sure you link to the previous reports IPFS link at the top of the template (ask for help in Discord if unclear).
Find more guidance and resources here -> Helpful Resources​
Refer to the Workflow page! It details expectations and helpful tips for each individual section.

Submit Your Report

1 - Get Feedback

After completing the report, please upload your report to the #Report-Feedback on PrimeDAO Discord and ask for feedback. A reviewer will add feedback. This will help you to ensure that the report adheres to the expected quality standard .
Please use Google docs and create a sharable public link with commenting permissions.

2 - Prepare the report

First, export the report as a PDF document and save it on your local device. It is recommended to use the following naming convention for your report: "Report-Type_Project_Rater-Name", for example, FA_Compound_Lavi (for a Fundamental Analysis report).

3 - Submit for Governance Vote

Once your report is ready for submission, please fill out this form. The form will ask you to provide:
  • Name of the protocol, pls use this format: Name (TOKEN); e.g. Uniswap (UNI)
  • Your name (rater name)
  • Discord handle
  • ETH address (for rewards / prizes / NFTs)
  • File upload (as .pdf)
  • Twitter handle (optional)
  • Feedback (optional)

What's Next?

1 - Snapshot Vote

After submitting the report, the file will be uploaded to IPFS and a notification will be sent to Prime stewards. They will review you report and create a vote on our Snapshot page. The Prime Governors (RXP holders) will vote to add the report to Prime Rating.
It will take approximately 4-6 days for the proposal to pass or fail, from the moment you submit your report. The time required is mostly depending on the amount of reports submitted simultaneously.
If the report FAILED, the rater can improve the report and submit a second time. If it fails again, this typically means the report is not of good quality and a third submission is not allowed.
Refer to Report Acceptance Proposal (RAP) Overview for more information

2 - Rewards

If the report PASSED, raters are rewarded within the next payment cycle.
Reward per unique Report: 150 USDC + 200 D2D + 10 RXP
Further, Prime raters can level-up and increase their rewards and governance power within Prime Rating, by submitting rating reports. See Levels - How to Become a Legend.