Prime Rating
Rating on Demand (RoD)
In-depth, commissioned rating reports written by high-RXP analysts of the Prime Rating community
RoD allows anyone, from VC’s to DAO’s, or private family offices and other advisory providers, to anonymously commission cutting-edge research from Prime’s community of experienced DeFi and Metaverse analysts.
Prime’s RoD clients can choose from among three research offerings: protocol ratings, pre-launch due-diligence and custom research. RoD requests can further be customized with add-ons, such as hiring only a top-5 rater, making the report confidential and non-public. Prime Rating matches research requests with its community of analysts, all of whom hold on-chain reputation tokens reflecting their level of expertise. Completed reports are reviewed by veteran analysts (Reviewers) for accuracy and depth of coverage before being shared with the client.
At the moment, as we are in MVP mode establishing product market-fit for the service, RoD's scope includes only DeFi and Metaverse protocols on the Ethereum ecosystem.
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