Prime Rating
Rating Events
Rating Seasons and Rate-athons
PrimeRating operates through facilitation of virtual rating contests. These are separated into two main contest types: Seasons and Rate-athons. These event can be sponsored by interested 3rd parties, in return for special perks (e.g. co-marketing, choose tokens to be rated, co-community engagement, and more). A list of all past events can be found here.

Rating Seasons

A rating season is a 5-6 week rating contest during which raters can submit reports dedicated to a specific sector (so far only DeFi). A season is typically announced 1-2 weeks in advance and it has a dedicated list with all eligible tokens to be rated. Further, all reports accepted during a season are eligible to potentially win additional prizes on top of the rewards per report.

Season Characteristics

  • Duration: 5-6 weeks
  • Sector: DeFi
  • Reports accepted: Only reports listed on the tokenlist
  • Prizes: Yes, to reward quality and submission count
  • Sponsorship accepted: Yes


Rate-athons are shorter contests, usually between 1-2 weeks, also dedicated to specific sector and typically used for more experimental rating contests tipping into a new sector. For instance the metaverse rate-athon or the ReFi rate-athon. As with seasons, there are prizes to be won for successfully submitting reports during a rate-athon.

Rate-athon Characteristics

  • Duration: 1-2 weeks
  • Sector: DeFi, Metaverse, ReFi, and other new categories
  • Reports accepted: Only reports listed on the tokenlist
  • Prizes: Yes, to reward quality and submission count
  • Sponsorships accepted: Yes

Event Rules

The following rules count for both types of events:
  • A rater can evaluate one and the same protocol only once per contest
  • A protocol can not be rated by more than 3 raters during the same contest and assessed based on submission of the final report
  • Only protocols on the respective tokenlist can be rated (currently only protocols that have a token and exist within the Ethereum ecosystem)
  • Max 2 raters per report
  • Only reports that fully completed the report template will be accepted (unless a section can be left empty, e.g no token-projects)
  • Each report should be reviewed by a reviewer, before it goes to a vote
  • Levelling happens after a given


As these events finish, there's typically a break of a few weeks before the next event starts. This time is needed to conclude all tasks related to closing past events and preparing the next contest. However, raters can also submit reports in the off-season. Unlike seasonal submissions, reports accepted in the off-season are not eligible for any additional prizes. Besides that, the same rules apply and usually there's also an off-season tokenlist provided.
Any questions, feel free to reach out on Discord.